The Club has moved!

I’ve been away for a while but it’s time to get things back on track.

The Mortgage Payoff Club has moved off of WordPress and onto a new XenForo Forum Community and with a new domain that I created.



Things are about to get moving again!

Things are starting to settle down and pretty soon I should be able to have enough cashflow to start attacking the mortgage and rebuilding the emergency fund again. Whew.

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while.

I negotiated a raise for my next gig so that’s awesome and expenses should drop considerably in November if all goes well. Onward and Upward!



I just upgraded to the new blazing fast Acer 720 i3 Chromebook. This thing blows my old one out of the water. 4gb RAM, 32gb SSD (chromebooks don’t need much) and new new Haswell i3 Processor.

And I just installed YNAB on it. (here’s the original post on installing YNAB on a Chromebook)

$379. You could easily do the same thing with the $199 $179 Acer Chromebook but I decided to go big or go home.

Chromebooks are wonderful machines. Zero maintenance, zero backup, FAST, and it gets better with each update and doesn’t bog down like Windows machines. The best part is that updates are done seamlessly in the background and when it’s ready a little “reboot to update” icon appears and the machine reboots in literally 3 seconds and you have the newest version of Chrome OS. No more waiting hours for it to install updates as you do on Windows machines.

Did I mention the battery lasts for 8 hours and it literally cold boots to the log in screen in 3-4 seconds? 3-4 seconds!

People often complain about Chromebooks that they need to be online to do anything (which isn’t true – Google Docs, Google Play Movies, Music, and many other things work offline now). To those who say that… turn off wifi or unplug your ethernet cable. How useful is your present computer? Everything we do is online anyways. Why not cut out the traditional OS middleman and have an amazingly fast and simple system.

I left Windows for Mac 12 years ago for Mac’s ease of use. 3 years ago I left Macs for Chromebooks for the same reason. They’re just blazingly simple and THEY JUST WORK.

If you open up any Chromebook, ANY CHROMEBOOK, and login… everything will be there. Your settings… your history,.. your documents…your music and movies… EVERYTHING. Within a couple seconds of logging into a brand new Chromebook you have everything that was on the other Chromebook.

The only time I ever boot up my Mac is to run YNAB. Now that I have it running on my fast Chromebook I’m probably going to sell my Mac as I don’t need it anymore.



Well, more unforeseen expenses this month but long story short our e-fund is back down to $10,781.32… with the possibility of it going down a little bit again next month… maybe. We’ll see.

But – good news is we’re still saving in other ways (401k, 529, etc) and with the market and our contributions our net worth increased $5k this month. So that’s good. :)

I can’t wait until we get past this rough patch so I can start throwing money at the e-fund and mortgage again.

My current job (i’m freelance) is ending by the end of the month. I have some leads on a new gig but nothing secure yet. Hopefully one gets nailed down so I don’t have to dip into my e-fund even more.

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E-fund back up to $12,792.22

Only $7k or $17k more to go. I should be able to throw another $500 this month. Probably and hopefully more next month. My goal is to get it back up to $20k or even better $30k.

Since I use YNAB for my business as well I have a $5k buffer on that end of things as well… so technically with my full buffer on my personal side of YNAB and a partial buffer on the business side… things aren’t as bad as that’s at least a month and a half of built in e-fund cash buffer that’s not included in the above tally.

We’ve had to hire a nanny at least temporarily which as been a big monthly financial hit but we’re managing.

Can’t wait until I can throw a ton of money at the mortgage again.


YNAB Referral code!

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I can’t believe I just discovered this code.

Use this link to get $6 off YNAB!

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We’re currently using the $10/month plan for my wife and I with the Moto X. I love it. Awesome phone and an awesome rate.

A $10/month smart phone plan. Unlimited minutes and texts. Only Wifi for data. But you can add 3g data at the $25/month plan.

I actually don’t mind the no data except wifi part… It’s liberating as it forces me to look up from my phone and pay attention to the real world for a change when I’m out and about.

Referral link below. Sign up and we both get $20. :)

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In the year since I’ve started this blog, I’ve managed to reduce my mortgage balance by $9,796.08. Not great but a good start.

I should be able to start comfortably throwing more money at the mortgage again in May if all goes as planned. Here’s hoping. :)



Apparently my new method of withholding and paying myself via payroll with my S-Corp is working really well. So instead of owing $10k in taxes, we’re getting $6-$9k back. The range depends on some final numbers and how much more I can contribute to my Traditional IRA’s but we’re getting a good chunk back which is great.

I overpaid in estimated payments at the start of the year before I started doing payroll which would explain the huge refund. It should be smooth sailing for 2014 with not as big a refund next year or I may owe a  couple hundred which wouldn’t be bad. (especially since I save for these expenses in YNAB).

Since we’re getting this refund, our e-fund will soon be back up to over $20k. Unfortunately we still have another big upcoming medical expense to save for so I may not be able to start throwing more money at the mortgage just yet.

But the current financial picture is looking better. We still have no debt except for the mortgage. No credit cards, just an Amex Charge card. We’re fully funding our 2013 IRAs finally and I’m now maxing out my 401k.

I really really wish I started all of this in my 20s and not my late 30s. Ahh… the things I would tell my younger self if I could.




Back at work… with more bills.

No extra payment in February – and it’ll be a little while until I can start pounding the money at the mortgage again.

I had to take $3k out of our $20k e-fund to fully fund March’s budget… and today I just found out that we need $6k in dental work done. Yay. (that’s a whole different rant about how worthless dental insurance is… but I digress)

That’ll bring our e-fund down to around $11k. Ouch.

So needless to say in April I’ll be rebuilding our e-fund back to $20k before we start throwing money at the mortgage.

Now that I’m back at work it’ll hopefully only take 3-6 months to get it back to that point.


Just looked back at my old posts and what do I see – another post almost a year ago talking about at $10k unexpected tax bill and needing to get the e-fund back up to $30k. Ha. Hopefully I’ve got taxes better figured out this year and I don’t have a similar big bill coming up. Hmmm maybe I should aim for $30k again instead of $20k?

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