Just purchased a 2010 Honda Odyssey – in CASH! :)

This is a milestone for me… our first CASH car purchase.

The total cost with taxes, title, and license was just around $19,000. With the around $8,500 we got for our Civic that meant we wrote a whopping check for $10,000…all money that was saved since my post.

We really kicked but saving that money – basically my wife’s entire salary went towards saving for the downpayment of that car.

We still are going to use our Nissan Leaf for most of the driving as we can fit 3 car seats in there… but fitting 3 carseats in the Civic would have been near impossible. (The Leaf is a compact on the outside but a midsize based on the interior dimensions due to having more space due to no internal combustion parts).

It was really satisfying to pay in cash (well – a check) and leave the dealership with a new car (to us) that we own completely.

We also had to fill our a car loan application at 20% interest that would go through if our check didn’t clear… but of course it didn’t.

20%!!!!!!! Crazy.

Also – I think I’ll have around $700 to throw at the mortgage this month… but more on that when I actually make the payment. :)

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  • Mortgage Mutilator July 13, 2013, 2:30 pm

    Hey cdub,
    Being the writer behind Mutilate The Mortgage I was really interested to see what tips you might have in your blog. It seems as though you’re just starting out though which is fantastic as so few people really kick ass at mastering their finances. Anyway, I just thought I’d shoot you a comment and say good luck!

    We’ve been slugging away at our mortgage for over 4 years now already and I’ve thrown every trick I’ve learnt into my site. Hopefully it helps you guys kick your payment plan into high gear.



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