$539.41 extra paid to the mortgage this month!

Why $539.41? Well it’s $500 plus the max leftover in YNAB. I could have done more this month but we overspent by $1,402,82 in July due to various baby things and buying the car…. .but that’s why you have a buffer to roll with the punches in YNAB.

We’re on course to be on budget for August – if we do go over it’ll be around $200…. (new car seat) so I should have around $1000 extra to throw at the mortgage in September. Wish me luck.

But with the extra payment this month of $539.41 it brings the interest saved up to $9,448.99 (a $1,036.33 change) and the total months saved on the loan to 10 months. Almost 1 year less on this mortgage already!!

You see – it is possible… with baby steps. :)




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