Only $599.78 extra paid in December due to holidays and no extra payment going to be made in January due to Family Emergency

Well – due to the holidays and Christmas overspending (but by much less than before) we were only able to pay $599.78 extra – less than the $700-800 extra minimum I’d love to pay every month to make it at least a 15 year loan.

Also – due to a family emergency I’ll need to stay home from work for most or all of January…. so no extra payment this month.

But thanks to YNAB  this little break from work isn’t going to hurt at all. Who knew a little application could allow me to  miss a month of work without breaking a sweat or worrying at all? Seriously – not stressed one bit. I can’t imagine that before YNAB. I’m a little bummed that I might have to rebuild my buffer – but that’s what a buffer is for.

All this without touching my emergency fund at all. Thanks YNAB! (<— that’a a referral link – if you use it we BOTH get $6)

More about this cool app… here.

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