Back at work… with more bills.

No extra payment in February – and it’ll be a little while until I can start pounding the money at the mortgage again.

I had to take $3k out of our $20k e-fund to fully fund March’s budget… and today I just found out that we need $6k in dental work done. Yay. (that’s a whole different rant about how worthless dental insurance is… but I digress)

That’ll bring our e-fund down to around $11k. Ouch.

So needless to say in April I’ll be rebuilding our e-fund back to $20k before we start throwing money at the mortgage.

Now that I’m back at work it’ll hopefully only take 3-6 months to get it back to that point.


Just looked back at my old posts and what do I see – another post almost a year ago talking about at $10k unexpected tax bill and needing to get the e-fund back up to $30k. Ha. Hopefully I’ve got taxes better figured out this year and I don’t have a similar big bill coming up. Hmmm maybe I should aim for $30k again instead of $20k?

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  • No Nonsense Landlord March 9, 2014, 7:26 pm

    the emergency find can never be too high. But you can use that as a fund to invest in short term project too. 30K goes fast, save more.


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