Unlike last year, we’re getting a Tax Refund!

Apparently my new method of withholding and paying myself via payroll with my S-Corp is working really well. So instead of owing $10k in taxes, we’re getting $6-$9k back. The range depends on some final numbers and how much more I can contribute to my Traditional IRA’s but we’re getting a good chunk back which is great.

I overpaid in estimated payments at the start of the year before I started doing payroll which would explain the huge refund. It should be smooth sailing for 2014 with not as big a refund next year or I may owe a ┬ácouple hundred which wouldn’t be bad. (especially since I save for these expenses in YNAB).

Since we’re getting this refund, our e-fund will soon be back up to over $20k. Unfortunately we still have another big upcoming medical expense to save for so I may not be able to start throwing more money at the mortgage just yet.

But the current financial picture is looking better. We still have no debt except for the mortgage. No credit cards, just an Amex Charge card. We’re fully funding our 2013 IRAs finally and I’m now maxing out my 401k.

I really really wish I started all of this in my 20s and not my late 30s. Ahh… the things I would tell my younger self if I could.



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  • No Nonsense Landlord March 24, 2014, 5:58 pm

    I wish I could trade your refund, with my tax bill… This year was a record breaker in terms of profitability for my rentals, and I am taking the hit. Yikes.

  • SDREMNGR May 22, 2014, 1:56 pm

    You do understand that getting a large refund is the worst thing you can have done. The best possible outcome would have been to have to owe the largest amount without having any penalties and you having withheld and invested that amount in an investment account. But because that is hard and a headache, the easiest thing is to withhold about the right amount where you owe just slightly.

    A large refund means that you gave an interest free loan to the government for a year with 0% interest rate. If you really want a 0% interest rate savings account, I’d be happy to open one up for you with me!

    • cdub May 22, 2014, 2:44 pm

      Yes I do…. but considering how crappy this year has been financially the last thing I need is an unexpectedly huge tax bill when my e-fund has already taken a huge hit.

      I also changed how I was paid in 2013 (i’m self employed) and 2014 should be better in that I’ll probably owe a small amount that I’ll be saving for.

      But I’ll take a refund of $10k over a unexpected tax bill of $10k any day.

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